Thursday 21 February 2019

I'm not going to worry that Robbie will cheat - Claudine

IRELAND'S premier WAG Claudine Keane has revealed that she can never be sure if her footballer husband will remain faithful to her.

The stunning mum-of-one admitted that there was no way she could predict the future of her relationship with Robbie, but she won't let it worry her.

Claudine's comment comes after several soccer stars were caught cheating on their partners.

The 28-year-old insisted that she was not so naive as to rule out anything damaging her marriage, including infidelity.

However, the blonde bombshell says will not stress over it as she has been very happily married for the past three years.

"You could worry yourself to death over it, but what is meant to be is meant to be," Claudine explained.

"I'd never be silly enough to say nothing will ever happen to me, nobody can say that 100pc.

"You can never control anybody and if someone is going to be unfaithful, sitting at home crying isn't going to stop them."

Claudine remarked that to concern herself with something that may or may not happen was a waste of time.

"I want to live my life," said the beauty, who has a first class degree from UCD, said.

"I am independent and have things going for me. Why should I sit there and worry about Rob?"


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