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I'm not best friends with Beyonce -- but I know her!

SO people were saying I told a slight porky-pie in episode one when I told Keith Hanley that I was friends with Beyonce and that's why he should pick me as his mentor.

But it's not a complete lie -- it all depends on your definition of friendship! I do know her enough in that every time she's over for a concert, she'll invite myself and my girls to see her and wave at us from the stage.

I'm not necessarily best friends with her but I would probably know her a little more than the average person.

On the show, it is a competition and you have to use everything to your advantage. We're all naturally competitive people, some of the other coaches seem to have these big speeches prepared as to why the contestant should pick them as their mentor whereas I seem to spend most of the time giggling.

You have to do whatever works for you and for the most time, it's working for me.