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I'm not a Celebrity, get me to a beach... Laura and Ashley's big day off

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Best mates Laura Whitmore and Ashley Roberts enjoyed a day off from filming at the beach in Australia this week.

Former Pussycat Doll Ashley was in Australia to discuss her experience in the celebrity jungle and review the current series on Laura's ITV2 spin-off show, I'm A Celebrity...Get Me Out Of Here! Now!.

The pair have been firm friends for years and are often spotted on nights out together in London.

One of Laura's funniest memories of Ashley is when she left the jungle in 2012 and was jealous because Laura was all done up and she was dirty from living in a camp site.


"I literally roll out of bed, get on set and just get my hair and make-up done," Laura said.

"I'm like 'you can deal with this!'. You really don't have to think about anything so it's pretty easy. But I'll never forget, because obviously the constants in the jungle don't have their make-up done, when Ashley Roberts, who's a good friend of mine now came out and she was looking at me like 'I'm so jealous of how good you smell and how clean you look!'.

"Because when you're in the jungle and you're surrounded by everyone else looking like sh** you don't really notice it.

"But when she saw me she was like 'you're so clean!', that was the toughest thing for her. Then the make-up artist kept coming over to touch me up and I felt awful," she added,

The Bray native (29) also revealed that a certain Boyzone member was a favourite guest of hers on the show.

"One person I will never forget was Keith Duffy, who came over in my second year on the show," she said.

"We had to take him shopping for some clothes once because he came dressed in some two piece suit. He got absolutely ripped on Twitter, so we went and got him a whole new outfit.

"I'll always remember going outside and just seeing my mum in the hot tub with Bobby Norris and Keith, it was so strange," she added.

And while her mum accompanied her to the jungle before, Laura hasn't brought anyone with her to Australia this year.

"My friend came the first year, then the next year my mum did, but to be honest, it gets quite hard. I'm up at weird hours to work and it's every day, you don't have time off so you only get to spend time with them a couple of hours a day.

"I think this year I'll wait until filming is over then go and visit some friends over here," she added.

And the MTV presenter also revealed one of their scarier moments on set.

"Well in camp we were in this room filming and we hadn't noticed this snake above our heads the entire time," she told Reveal magazine.


"The team waited until we were finished and said 'you're fine now but just so you know, when you were in that room there was a deadly snake above your heads.'"

And while she loves presenting her ITV2 show, Laura says she would never venture into the celebrity jungle herself.

"Not in a million years. I know too much about the show, where the cameramen are, and just how difficult it is," she said.

"I could have people sneaking me in cans of Coke. But no. I mean, I'm not petrified of insects, but I could do without them.

"And I could definitely do without the Australian spiders - they're the size of dinner plates," she added.