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I'm more granny than party animal, says Roz

PARTYING, champagne diets and late nights – all things many of us associate with being a model – but Roz Purcell said it's not for her.

The 22-year-old said she's more like a "granny" and likes nothing more than an early night.

"There definitely is that night life and a party life- style," Roz told the Herald.

"I can see how people would be drawn to it, going out is a lot of fun. But there is a degree of pressure to be out and about and seen."

But Roz says she's more of an early bird. "I'm definitely not a night owl. My flatmates always say I'm so different when I'm at home because I'm just in my tracksuit and glasses.

"I prefer taking it easy and sitting in front of the TV. I can barely stay up to watch a DVD or a movie. I'm usually fast asleep by 9.30pm."

Fellow model and TV presenter Daniella Moyles previously told of how she's turned her back on partying for the quiet life. In an interview over the weekend, the Kildare native recalled going to a photocall straight from a nightclub.

"I said to the stylist, 'I'm so sorry, I know I smell like drink and cigarettes, I've just come from wherever'," she recalled.

However, she opted to move back home to her family in Naas and the late nights are now a distant memory.

Meanwhile, Roz is continuing in her bid to become a TV presenter. "I know there is more to life then modelling. I think Kathryn Thomas is the best. She does so many different types of shows and that's the area I would like to move into."

Roz is involved in Cycle Against Suicide which takes place from April 22-May 5 to raise awareness of suicide and suicide prevention.

She said: "I want to show people that no matter how tough things seem you can always ask for help.