Wednesday 13 December 2017

I'm keeping my new man under wraps – Kathryn

Smitten: Kathryn Thomas is wary of putting her new man in spotlight. Photo: Brian McEvoy
Smitten: Kathryn Thomas is wary of putting her new man in spotlight. Photo: Brian McEvoy

KATHRYN Thomas has said that it is too soon to push her new man into the spotlight.

The TV presenter has described her new relationship as "early days" but added that it's going well.

Media interest has been intense after it was confirmed that the 34-year-old had found love again after splitting from Garda Enda Watters last year.

But the Operation Transformation host said she is determined to keep the new man's identity under wraps for as long as possible.



"We're just taking it as it comes. I don't really want to talk about it because it's still early days. It's only been a couple of weeks. He's not in showbusiness. Not at all, and I didn't meet him in work, he was just someone I met socially," she told the Herald.

Joking that he had a "good- looking back" after he was photographed from behind at her side, she quipped: "If he has a good-looking back, I don't know what that says about me. God love him."

The Carlow woman plans to stay working in Ireland after a number of meetings with TV bosses on a recent holiday in the US.

"I took a couple of meetings while I was in the US. Mostly to do with formats. My sister is over there, so I have the opportunity to have meetings but I'm not going anywhere because I am so busy with TV and radio in Ireland," she said

Along with Operation Transformation and The Voice, the blonde has spent the last two weeks filling in for John Murray on RTE Radio One.

Hosting the New Season Launch for RTE Radio One yesterday, she spoke of how station staff wished him well.

"John was really missed here today. Everybody is dying to have him back and we are going to see him sooner rather than later. I'd had a couple of texts from John doing the show which is lovely."

Along with covering for John Murray, Kathryn will explore how music is helping heal Rwanda and help host The RTE Big Music Week on a train travelling through Ireland in the new radio season.


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