Wednesday 20 March 2019

I'm just married and back on TV with my new job -- it's one long honeymoon

EVERYTHING in my life is going fantastic right now. I'm still living in the honeymoon period with my husband, I love my new job on Winning Streak and I'm ready more than ever now to be back in the limelight.

I got married to the wonderful Peter Collins four weeks ago and it still feels like we are on our honeymoon. On Sunday we got cards from all our family and friends wishing us a happy one month wedding anniversary, it was lovely.

So we spent the day all loved up and cooked dinner at home, we are on such a high right now.

Peter lives in Limerick full-time and I have a place in Dublin so we travel to see each other every few days. People say to me that it must be hard, but it really isn't. If anything it makes things better because I haven't seen him in a few days I get so excited to meet up with him.


It has only really hit me this week everything that has changed in my life. I got the job on Winning Streak just two days before Christmas, and a week later I was married. Everything happened so fast and I was saying to Peter a few days ago that it's only really sinking in now.

The past few days have been manic for me. I have been driving up and down to Limerick and today and tomorrow is all about Winning Streak. Every Thursday we have a meeting about the show so yesterday I was in RTE with Marty and the producers. I also had to do lots of work with the wardrobe department. It probably sounds great but I have to try on so many dresses, it takes ages.

I have to say I love the stylists in RTE though, they go out and shop for each presenter and they always get me things that suit my personality. I love that whole Audrey Hepburn style, but it's not to everyone's taste.

Tomorrow is going to be the most manic for me. I do a run through of the show at 10.30am, just to make sure everything is working technically. Then Marty and I meet the contestants at 12pm, they are always bags of nerves in the green room. After that I go straight into hair and makeup, obviously Marty is in and out in a few minutes but I take quite a while to get dolled up.

We then do the whole show from start to finish at 1.30pm but that's just a run through. Then at 3pm I have a half an hour to get into my clothes for the night and get a little touch up, then we film the entire show. So it's a crazy day but I get such a buzz from it. There is so much excitement in a show like this. I have to say I feel really positive about returning to TV. When I got The Den I had never applied for the job and I had no idea what I was getting myself into. My goal was never to get into presenting and when I did I didn't even think of the effect it would have on my personal life.

I really was naive and I don't think I was ready for being on national television -- but now I am much more comfortable about being in the public eye.

When I got the job on Winning Streak, I told Peter to expect our wedding to be in the press but he didn't mind. It made the world of difference knowing that he was so easy going.


Some presenters see this as a popularity contest but I don't. I love my job and I accept that people will write about my personal life now, it's just the way it is.

I know who I am now and I feel more confident stepping into the limelight. I feel like a different person now.

This weekend Peter is coming up to Dublin so I'm looking forward to relaxing with him.

We are only married four weeks so we haven't even thought about having children yet but it's definitely something we want to do. I have always loved children, you couldn't work in The Den and not love children. Peter does too and that was really important to me when we met but we're not really there just yet.

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