Tuesday 21 November 2017

I'm dating Dave but I didn't dump ex by text, says Tallafornia's Kelly

TALLAFORNIA stars Kelly Donegan and Dave Behan have finally confirmed they are an item -- but Kelly has insisted she didn't finish with her ex with a text message.

The pair, who were seen kissing on the latest episode of Tallafornia, couldn't keep their hands off each other the weekend.

But Kelly insists she let her ex-boyfriend down gently before starting a relationship with Dave. Kelly was in a long-term relationship with her ex when she entered the Tallafornia house.

Although the TV3 series saw Kelly (22) simply sending her ex-boyfriend a text saying that it wasn't working out anymore before hooking up with personal trainer Dave, the brunette told the Diary that it wasn't really like that.

She insisted that she made sure to end things in person and says she met up with her then boyfriend off camera so she could finish their relationship properly.

"The show made it look like I just sent him a text and that was it, but that's not what happened. I actually had texted him to meet up and we did meet up off camera and talk. I had to do it that way, I couldn't have done it over text.

"Going into the series the producers asked if he wanted to be involved but he didn't, so I tried to keep my relationship out of the show as much as possible. I didn't expect to go into the house and to get on so well with someone else," she said.

After getting cozy at the TV3 Spring Launch last week, the couple set tongues wagging again when they were all over each other during their public appearance at the Porterhouse Bray on Saturday night (below).

An insider said the pair are tired of hiding their romance from the public.

"They changed their Facebook status to 'in a relationship' now and they want people to know they are together. Kelly had been told to tell everyone that she was single, as to keep people guessing.

"The producers wanted them to wait as long as possible but they are mad about each other, there is definitely something special there," a source close to the pair revealed.

Meanwhile, the Tallaght star, who worked as a walk-on girl for the World Dart Championships over Christmas, revealed that her plans to move in with model pal Hazel O'Sullivan have been put on hold.

The models were set to move into a two-bed house in Milltown over the weekend.

However, Kelly says she can't wait to make the move because she is still living at home with her parents. "The house fell through in the end. It was so gorgeous and it had a little garden which was perfect because I am bringing my dog with me. But we are definitely moving in at some point, I'm sick of living at home, I'm dying to get out."

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