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I'm being mobbed by fans thinking I'm Niall... even though I'm 32 and gay!

IT'S A case of mistaken identity as One Direction fans flock to follow the wrong Niall Horan on Twitter.

Boyband hotty Niall @niallofficial) has almost five million followers but his namesake(@niallhoran) has notched up over 5,000.

Niall Horan, from Tipperary, is annoyed rather than flattered at being mistaken as the more famous 18-year-old Niall.

The 32-year-old gay man's Twitter is flooded with comments from girls complimenting him and declaring their love, but Mr Horan tries to send them in the right direction with his profile

"Yes girls that is my real name and no I am not in 1direction! get over it!!!"

Many fans still follow him, convinced he is the famous Niall.

"I am 5ft 11in with brown hair and not related to him at all ... I have even directed them to the other Niall Horan and sometimes fans get abusive when I do." The older Niall refuses to change his name on Twitter despite the hassle from One Direction fans.

He joined Twitter in 2009 but his followers rocketed as One Direction gained success worldwide. Many of his real followers express their sympathy to him on Twitter for the way his life has been disrupted by obsessive girls.

Crazed 1D fans have even tracked down his number on gmail and called him, "Sometimes girls tell me they love me and stuff and I go back and burst their bubble."

Even the famous Niall Horan finds his fans, known as 'directioners', a little scary.


His father recently revealed that the Mullingar born singer finds all the attention from girls terrifying and its making him claustrophobic.

"There are hordes of young girls around him, and not much room to breathe anywhere. He says it can be frightening.... Coming out of airports and girls crowding around their cars, he's started to get really claustrophobic."

Niall Horan shot to fame with One Direction after they came third in X-Factor in 2010. Their debut album Up All Night was the first UK debut album to enter the US charts at number one.