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'I'm back on the checkouts, waiting for Love/Hate call'


Siobhan Shanahan in Love/Hate

Siobhan Shanahan in Love/Hate

Siobhan Shanahan in Love/Hate

SHE was the young woman who went to gardai to tell about the rape of Love/Hate's Siobhan – and set a whole chain of events in motion.

Siobhan Shanahan's character, Donna, played a pivotal role in the third series of Love/Hate – but the young actress does not yet know whether she'll feature in the next series.

In the meantime, Siobhan has gone back to work on the tills in Dunnes.

"I haven't heard anything yet," she said. "I'm in a bit of a limbo but I would love to go back. Hopefully I'll get the call; I'm waiting for the phone to ring."

The 22-year-old actress says that working on the series was the highlight of her career to date.

"I loved being part of the show; it's the most watched programme on TV, so being part of it was amazing.



"And everyone made me feel so welcome."

Love/Hate fans were shocked this week when photos of Robert Sheehan, on set and in character as Darren, surfaced. Speculation regarding his resurrection is now rife.

And Clondalkin native Siobhan says all her friends are quizzing her about Darren's miraculous return from the dead.

"I saw it in all the papers and everyone at home was asking me, 'Is Darren back?', but I don't know.

"Maybe it's all part of a dream sequence. But it would be great if he was, because he's such a strong actor and he's done so many great things."

But while she waits on the phone call, Siobhan is back working the check out at Dunnes.

"I work part-time in Dunnes. I work on the check-out and people do recognise me. I can see their faces thinking, 'Is she? Isn't she?'

"But I have a very different look to Donna. I don't dress like her, I don't go around in those heels, and I don't wear my hair in a quiff," she laughs.

The mother of one says she's in between jobs at the moment, but intends to stick with Dublin-based roles.

"I'm not working on anything at the moment, just working away in Dunnes and looking after my two-year-old, Heidi," she said.

"I've had a few auditions, so hopefully I'll hear something back.

"I prefer playing Dublin people and more modern pieces because I know it and can connect with it more," she said.

While she relished her Love/Hate role, Siobhan says she hasn't lived down her passionate love scene with Fran.

The pair got hot and heavy in a storage room while Donna was dressed in a novelty Avatar costume.

"I got so much slagging for the Avatar scene" she laughs.

"Any time any of my friends see anything blue or wear anything blue, they always say 'What does that remind you of?'"