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I'm a better mum after Ronan split, says Yvonne

THEY say that breaking up is hard to do. But model and mum Yvonne Keating thinks she's a better mother since her split from husband Ronan Keating.

Mum-of-three Yvonne (37) said she has had to take on a variety of parental roles since their split.

"I suppose I've had to take on a lot more roles now as a single parent," she said.

Mother to Jack (13), Missy (11) and Ali (6), Yvonne was used to playing the part of a supportive and doting mother. But she had to adopt a fatherly role when she split from Ronan.

"As a loving, caring mother -- you provide things," she explains. "You provide love and care, you provide dinner, you provide a taxi service, you provide things.

"But then when you're on your own you've got to provide the entertainment. So you do try and cover all the bases and try and be all things," she said.

And Yvonne believes covering all these bases has made her a more rounded individual and a better mother.

"I definitely feel like I'm a better parent now. Because I'm trying to be all these things -- which is great." Yvonne encourages other parents to break with conventional parenting roles.

"I think whether people are single or in a traditional family environment, I think we should all try and do that."

The couple confirmed that they had separated after 14 years together.

Yvonne was speaking at the launch of Microsoft Office 365 Home Premium, a softwear system designed to make family life easier.