Wednesday 22 November 2017

I'll resurrect my hip hop routine if I win an IFTA says Dublin Rose

DUBLIN'S hip-hop Rose Siobheal Nic Eochaidh (23) promises to perform her unique routine one more time if she wins an IFTA.

And the Media Studies graduate has credited her memorable performance at the Rose of Tralee for opening many doors for her, and she's now with with TV3.

"I can't emphasise how normal my life has been up until this year. There was nothing exciting going on and then all these things happened leading on from the Rose of Tralee.

"It's been brilliant. I'm doing a three-month internship with TV3 now, working as a researcher on the Morning Show," she said.

Irish-speaking Siobheal was "gobsmacked" when she learnt she was in line for the award for Best TV Moment of 2011. She was nominated for her unique dance performance in the Dome last August where she entertained global audiences to the tune of 'Party Rock Anthem' - garnering nearly half a million YouTube hits.

"I was in work and I had two missed calls from Aimee, who's on the Dublin Rose committee, and then I got a text from her going, 'will you give me a ring'. When she told me, I was so delighted. It's just good fun. I've never been to the IFTAs before so hopefully I'll get to go along and I'll definitely do my routine if I won - I'd have to."

She'll be competing for the public vote with moments like Ireland qualifying for Euro 2012 and Ireland beating Australia in the Rugby World Cup.


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