Tuesday 21 November 2017

I'll pose in my bikini weeks after giving birth -- Virginia

MUM-TO-BE Virginia Macari says she is determined to fit into a bikini just weeks after giving birth.

The socialite and aspiring fashion designer has said that she plans to pose in her swimwear for the launch of her fashion label in May.

Although she is heavily pregnant and about to give birth to her first child in the next few weeks, Virginia is adamant that she will confidently strut in a bikini to launch her debut summer fashion range, titled Virginia Macari, in just three months.

"The plan is to be able to get into a bikini myself in May for the launch. I hope to be able to pose in my own range but I'm not allowed exercise until at least six weeks after I give birth but I do really want to get fit. I will start swimming as soon as I can and doing some light exercise to get me going again.

"I am putting pressure on myself with this range but I'm happy and excited at the same time. I've been thinking about doing it for years and now that I'm having a baby I feel like I will be more settled here, so now is the right time," she explained.


Even though she is hoping to slim down soon after going through a natural birthing process, Virginia (35) admitted she would never go under the knife to get her body looking beach-ready for the launch.

"I look at some celebrities and I honestly think they are just alien because they lose their baby weight so fast.

"They must get tummy tucks or something but I would never ever do that. I'm happy to go through the whole process naturally. It takes nine moths for your stomach to grow so it won't all go away in a few weeks and I know that," she told the Diary.

And Virginia revealed that she has scrapped plans to film the birth of her son.

The star was set to bring the cameras into the delivery room for the upcoming series The Housewives Of Dublin. The mum-to-be had said she was seriously considering having TV3 film the birth, but now Virginia says she has decided against it.


"We were going to film it for the show but in the end the producers and I decided against it. I don't think it's something that people really want to see on their TV when they are having dinner. So no, it's not happening anymore.

"But I think mothers will definitely relate to me on the show. The cameras will be following me raising my son as well as starting a new business. There are so many women out there who juggle motherhood and work," she said.

Meanwhile, the half-Italian beauty laughed off rumours that the cast of the new show will be jet-setting across the world to lavish locations, all at the cost of the producers: "If the women fly anywhere and bring the cameras with them, that's at their own cost. For example me and (my partner) Kaste go to Marbella a lot, that's normal for us.

"And of course we dine in really nice restaurants and we socialise out there so the cameras can come along for that, but that's on me."

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