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I'll be hopping over to the Playboy mansion this year, says bunny Louise

MODEL Louise Kavanagh has one ambition for 2013 - to visit Hugh Hefner's Playboy mansion.

THE 27-year-old worked for a year in Hefner's Playboy Club in London's Mayfair and has earned an 'open invite' to visit Hefner's sprawling LA mansion anytime she likes.

"My big plan for the new year is to do more travelling, so myself and some of the other bunnies were saying how we're definitely going to head over to LA at some stage.

"Once you've been a Playboy Bunny, you basically have an invite to go the mansion anytime you like, so I'm definitely going to take advantage of that and head over at some stage this year.

"I need to go over there before I get too old!" she joked.

The model and part-time DJ got her year off to a busy start with a visit to London this week for the launch of her new shoot for UK men's magazine Loaded.

The brunette model stripped off to reveal her curves along with English glamour model and fellow DJ Lauren Pope.

Louise was also invited along to spin the decks at a special event in Aura nightclub in London as they unveiled the 'Sexiest DJs of 2013' shoot.

"I've only seen one photo from it so far but I was really happy with that.

"It's for the February issue so it's due out in the middle of January. It was a really fun shoot to do."

Next on the agenda for Louise will be slipping on the Louboutins left vacated by Michele McGrath, who's heading off to New York tomorrow with pal Hayley Ryan.

Louise will be pressing the flesh as she presides over the door at Buck's Townhouse from Thursdays to Saturdays. "It's kind of like a second home to me anyway as I have a regular residency there every Thursday," she said.

"But Michele will definitely be missed, she's like the leader of our little gang but I'll definitely head over to see her in New York at some stage."

Another big resolution for Louise this year is "finding a man" -- and she plans to concentrate on her love life a little more.

Her last high-profile relationship was with 'Damo and Ivor' funnyman Andy Quirke, whom she dated for nearly two years before splitting from him in 2009.

The pair still remain good friends and she even appeared in the video for his remix of Maniac last year.

But Louise said it's definitely time to move on to pastures new.

"I'm definitely going to start dating a bit more and this time, I'm going to concentrate on finding a nice guy.

"Bad boys are a thing of the past for me and I really like Irish guys. They're far less cocky than British guys," she added.

-- MF