Tuesday 15 October 2019

I'd walk in front of a car for BOD, says Gordon

He's newly engaged to model Aoife Cogan but it seems rugby hero Gordon D'Arcy has a serious bromance with Brian O'Driscoll.

Gordon has revealed that he would "walk in front of a car" for BOD with whom he has been playing rugby for 10 years.

Gordon (31) revealed that he and O'Driscoll have developed a strong bond since starting out together as teenagers.

"We're teammates and we have been for a very long time," he said.

"We've grown up together. We've shared huge parts of our lives together. We have a telepathy at this stage. We've probably had it for quite a while. To be honest, I'd walk in front of a car for those fellas."

Gordon goes on to sing the Irish rugby captain's praises as a "superstar" athlete and praised his dedication.

"We were only young fellas starting out. Now we're veterans I suppose," he told Rugby World magazine.

"We've seen each other grow up, seen each other's ups and downs and all the pitfalls you could imagine.

"We've developed together as players and as people, and I just see them as friends now. Brian is a friend.

"Shane is a friend. Brian might be a superstar to many, many other people, but to me he's just a guy I know and respect, a guy who I've seen make the sacrifices and get the success, and I guess I've done the same.

"I think we're similar in some ways in that we all think we've got unfinished business with Leinster and with Ireland.

"You want to contribute as much as you can to a legacy."


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