Friday 24 November 2017

I'd no choice but to rush back to catwalk after baby -- Sarah

TOP Dublin model Sarah McGovern returned to work four weeks after having her baby Jude -- because she couldn't afford to take time off.

The model has admitted that she pushed herself to get back to modelling so soon after giving birth because she had to get back to paying the bills.

The mother-of-one (32) has had work flowing in since giving birth to her son.

"I started working again four weeks after I had Jude. I think nowadays you just have to juggle your work load as well as time with your child. We're in a recession right now so we just have to do it and work hard.

"Let's be honest, girls don't earn supermodel rates here and I have to pay the mortgage every month. In a way I'm self-employed so I don't get any pregnancy leave.

"But this is the path that I chose and I'm happy with that, I wouldn't change it. Even if I won the Lotto tomorrow I would still keep on working, that's just who I am. All I would do is maybe get some nannies and a bigger car but I wouldn't stop working," she told the Diary.

And the Dubliner, who is happily married to her partner of 10 years Kenny Vaughan, admitted that new mothers put too much pressure on themselves after having children.

Sarah said some women feel guilty about leaving their child while they go out to work, but she believes having a great work ethic can rub off on your children.

"I think women really do put too much pressure on themselves when they have children. Some people might think I'm mad to work but it's not like I'm ignoring him. Kenny and I are working out our schedules so we can both spend quality time with him. And when he's not with us, he's with our family.

"And I'm hoping that my hard work ethic will rub off on him. I've spoken with mothers who worked all their life and their children have a fantastic work ethic," she explained.

Meanwhile, the blonde beauty revealed that she has finally lost her baby weight after signing up for Boot Camp.

Sarah told the Diary that she has joined an Operation Transformation-style fitness programme alongside Today FM star Mairead Farrell in a bid to get fit.

"I have been in Boot Camp for the last four weeks, it's part of the Aviva 'Get Active' programme. It's like Operation Transformation really. Mairead Farrell is doing it too. Genuinely, it's like the army.

"Most of the time we are outdoors and it's cold, wet and windy. We have to do sprints, sit-ups, squats, lunges, you name it.

"Emma Buckley is also going through our diets with us so I'm off alcohol and I have to eat very healthy foods like nuts, seeds and spinach. Then we have a motivational speaker who helps us achieve our life goals, it's brilliant.

"I put on 20 kilos when I was pregnant with Jude and I have been trying to get rid of an extra 5 kilos for months, I've lost two-and-a-half kilos since starting Boot Camp and I've two more weeks to go. I'm nearly at the weight I was before I got pregnant so I'm really delighted," she admitted.

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