Friday 24 November 2017

i'd never have plastic surgery, insists Sonya

STYLIST Sonya Lennon has insisted that women need to stop trying to defy the ageing process.

The Off The Rails presenter said that she would rather grow old gracefully than go under the knife.

Sonya (42) told the Herald that plastic surgery is causing women to "look like clones" of each other.

"There has been an increase in people getting surgery, everyone wants to defy the ageing process. Celebrities especially have become a victim of this whole non-ageing thing, but they are all beginning to look like clones to me. I am a big believer in making yourself look good and I would do anything within reason," she told the Herald.

The TV host says that the right dress and accessories will do far more for a woman than plastic surgery.

"But there will be no plastic surgery for me. I really don't like the idea of changing my form. The only thing I do to change is wear high heels to make myself taller and that's as far as I will go," she explained.

Instead of getting a face lift or enhancing your features, Sonya says a good diet and regular exercise is the best way to make yourself look and feel young.

"All you have to do is mind yourself. I make sure that I exercise, eat right and get facials now and then, that should be enough," she said.

"It's about time we broaden the idea of what beauty is. It's important to change the meaning. Right now it's a certain size, height, and weight and skin tone. But that's not the true meaning of Irish beauty," she explained.

Meanwhile Sonya is currently planning her outfit for a special lunch at 10 Downing Street next month. She was invited by Samantha Cameron to celebrate the anniversary of the original Dress For Success project, a venture that Sonya herself has started running in Ireland.


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