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I would love another baby with Robbie but I want a career as well, says busy Claudine

Glamorous Claudine Keane (27) has revealed how she would love to have another baby with footballer hubby Robbie.

She gave birth to her first child with the Ireland skipper nearly 14 months ago and said she would love to give Robert Jnr a little brother or sister.

Claudine said she would see herself expanding their family "sometime in the future".

"I'm obviously contracted with Ultimo for the rest of the year and I'm doing work with them for Ultimo Couture. I'm focused on that and am obviously giving Robert 100pc of my attention and making sure he's looked after all the time," she said.

"It would be nice to add to the family at some stage later on. I'm only 27 so I need to be a good mum and have 'me time' and a career as well.

"I've been able to do it because I've been lucky enough to have the support from our families and from Rob. I will continue to do it because I'm very ambitious and there are still a lot of things that I want to do. I'm still a young girl so I've got plenty of boxes still to tick."

She continued: "I think there were four months at the end of my pregnancy when I was just like, 'I'm not doing anything. I'm just being pregnant now'.


"Other than that, I've never gave up on work or thought I don't have to have a career or anything."

Claudine, from Malahide, who has a degree in economics and finance from UCD, also said she has to work hard to defy the preconceptions about footballers' partners.

"I'd like to think that people don't stereotype me, but it's hard when you're married to a football player and there's so much hype around football players.

"I think everyone who knows me and meets me knows I don't really fit that stereotype and that I'm my own person. I'm independent, strong-minded, I'm interested in what's going on in the world and I care about what's happening. I'm not one-dimensional. I hope they see that."

And she has insisted that she's certainly not content just relying on Robbie to be the breadwinner and is a hard-working woman in her own right.

"I made that clear from the very beginning when I met Rob," she said

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