Wednesday 24 April 2019

I worry I'll get killed off -- Fair City's Yvonne

FAIR CITY actress Ciara O'Callaghan is terrified her character could be killed off at any moment.

The Dublin actress has played the character of Yvonne Doyle for 10 years but says no one's job on the hit soap is fully secure.

Speaking to the Herald, Ciara said that although she loves being an actress and working on the top Irish soap, she feels that she has no job security.

"Honestly you are never safe, you are never safe in this industry I'm in. At the end of the day (Fair City) is not a job, it's just a gig.

"I could get a phone call next week saying 'your character is going to be killed off', and it might just be for story-line reasons but that's just the nature of the job.

"The toughest thing about being an actor is that there is literally no security. You just have to adapt all the time but it is a vocation, it's something you have to love. You don't just wake up one morning and decide you want to be an actor, it's about a lot of hard work and motivating yourself and to pick yourself up after rejection," she said.

Speaking at the launch of ALONE's Christmas campaign, the talented star added that because of the instability of the job she makes sure to work on other projects when she gets time off from the soap. As well as constantly recording voiceovers for RTE, Ciara says she is looking to get back to theatre work.

"I am definitely still interested in doing more film work. Whenever I get time off I still do some work, and I haven't done theatre in a few years now. I would really love to get back on stage, so I'm really working all the time, even when I'm not filming for Fair City.

"But the industry has been very affected by the recession, there are cuts happening absolutely everywhere," she explained.

And although Ciara says she feels grateful to be working, the actress admitted that long hours and back-to-back filming can really affect her personal life. But Ciara says everyone in her life has to accept that she is dedicated to her job.

"When I am on a big storyline, which I am in the New Year, I will be working from about 7am to 7pm for about six days a week and then I'm learning scripts at night so I really don't see that many people."


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