Wednesday 13 December 2017

I won't ask pals to splash out for new baby says TV3's Sybil

THE Morning Show presenter has admitted that she doesn't see the point in splashing out on toys and clothes for her new bundle of joy.

Fellow mums-to-be Una Healy and Virginia Macari recently hosted lavish baby showers but, speaking to the Diary, expectant mother Sybil said she doesn't want a baby shower.

"No I haven't had a baby shower and I won't be having one. I wouldn't even think of it, we are in a recession still. I'm not in to that whole thing, I wouldn't have my family and friends do that, not at all.

"This is my last baby and I'm just going to use all the other baby clothes I have kept over the years. I still have tonnes of baby things, and I really don't think I need anything else. I wouldn't dream of having a baby shower or anything like that," she admitted.

But if her pals were to go baby shopping they should starting getting all things blue. With nine weeks to go until she gives birth, Sybil (37) revealed that she's nearly 100pc certain she is having a baby boy.

"I really think it's a boy. I have been getting lots of break-outs on my skin, and that happened when I was pregnant with Hugh. I never break out but it's happening all the time now so I think it's going to be a boy.

"I haven't even thought about names yet. It actually took me two weeks to name my daughter Genevieve so I won't decide anything yet," she explained.

Instead, she has house hunting on her mind. The former Xpose presenter has been looking for a new home since before Christmas. After telling the Herald she was looking for a new family home she was inundated with letters from house owners but the TV star says she has struggled to find the right house.

"Unfortunately, we're still looking for a new house. It feels like everything is going so slow, we've been looking for ages. Things are really slowly coming onto the market now, it's like people are just too afraid to sell at the moment, they want to hold out. Normally people are trading up or trading down all the time but now everyone is just hanging on.


"I did hope to have somewhere new to live before the baby was born. But that's only nine weeks away now. It looks like this will just have to be my new project to keep me preoccupied when I'm on maternity leave. In an ideal world we will have moved this summer. This will be the last move for us, we've already moved three times in the last two years, but this will be our home," she said.

Meanwhile, Sybil admitted that she hopes her replacement will do a good job. With pal Aisling O'Loughlin on maternity leave herself, Sybil has no idea who will be taking her place on the coach next to Martin King, but says she is hoping Laura Woods will fill in. "Aisling would have done it, but she's on maternity too. Anna Daly is just coming back from pregnancy leave and Laura (pictured) was filling in for her so it would make sense for Laura to come to the show, but I honestly won't know for a while," she added.

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