Wednesday 22 November 2017

I was caught in avalanche hell

Dream skiing holiday turns into nightmare for 98FM's Siobhan

RADIO presenter Siobhan O'Connor has told of her "holiday from hell" after an avalanche in Austria trapped her and her husband in their ski resort.

The 98FM star said it ended up taking the couple 31 hours to get back to Ireland after two avalanches caused the local airport to close down.

After enjoying a week of hitting the slopes, sipping hot chocolate and relaxing with her husband as it snowed, Siobhan and her husband Paul were left reeling when she ended up stuck in Austria with thousands of other tourists.


Speaking to the Herald, Siobhan said: "It was the holiday from hell by the end of it. It took us over 31 hours to get home in the end, that's just not normal. The plane basically left without us after an avalanche and then there was another one in the town so we were just stuck there.

"Before that everything was going great, we were having an amazing time there. It was about our fifth time skiing, we love it, and Austria was gorgeous. But this was just the worst experience I've ever had," she said.

The Herald contacted the Dublin-based holiday company Crystal Ski about the incident and it confirmed that thousands of guests holidaying in Austria were left waiting days to get home, and admitted that most of them had to pay extra charges because of the flight change.

Company spokes-man Ray Scully insisted the company did all it could to get people home as fast as possible.

"We got a lot of the guests on the plane early right after the first avalanche happened but as a second one began we had to leave the airport. We kept the plane waiting as long as possible but we had to leave before the airport closed down.

But Mr Scully added that anyone who was forced to pay extra charges has now received a cheque for the amount paid, including Siobhan.


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