Wednesday 13 December 2017

I want to be a curvy role model, says new Miss Ireland Emma

NEWLY crowned Miss Ireland has insisted that she loves her curvy figure -- and has no desire to become a size zero model.

Emma Waldron (22) is on a strict healthy diet and a specially engineered fitness regime to shape up ahead of Miss World 2010 in China.

But the down-to-earth Clonmel beauty says she will keep her curves because she wants to be a good role model for young girls.

"I wouldn't be the skinniest of girls. I'm curvy and I've always been like that and I love my curves. I went into the competition being myself and that's how I won it, and I'm going to continue being myself.

"It's about eating healthily and working on my fitness, and none of this 'not eating' business," she insisted.

Emma told the Herald that she has had some negative comments about her shape, but she pays no attention to critics.

"How confident is anyone about their body? It's hard to hear negative things sometimes but I just don't listen to it.

"I'm trying to minimise carbs and have them only in the morning, and then it's about eating healthy carbs like eating wholemeal instead of stodgy carbs. I'm having lots of rice cakes as well. I love my rice cakes."


The stunning First Option model loves Chinese food, and she has no plans to be very restrictive on her month-long trip, once she eats healthily.

"I think it's good to be a good role model for girls. So many girls aspire to that [size zero] and they want to be thin, but I really want to stamp that out and encourage girls to eat normally, and be normal and enjoy their potatoes and their crisps."

Emma jokes that Haribo Tangtastics are her "one weakness," and she even shocked herself by revealing this in front of the judges at the Miss Ireland pageant.

Meanwhile, the natural beauty, who flies out to China today, had her first spray tan yesterday morning.

"I've never had spray tan done in my life, or gel nails.

"I'm also taking into account my skin, and bringing lots of cleansing, toning and moisturising because of the amount of make-up I'll be wearing and the effect all the lights will have on my skin.

"It's busy, and go, go, go all the time.

"At the moment, I'm working on the little things, like having enough nail varnish for the month because I can't buy it out there, and working on what to wear for a whole month."


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