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I transformed my hair ... and hated it admits Dr Eva

NUTRITIONIST Dr Eva Orsmond has undergone her own operation transformation -- but she said it took some getting used to.

The no-nonsense nutritionist is enjoying a personal transformation after swapping her long locks for a much shorter bob.

But the new hairstyle was not an immediate hit with the Finnish doctor. "I was actually a bit upset during the first two weeks because I wasn't sure if it was the right decision or not," Eva told the Herald.

"The first time I had a shower and looked in the mirror with my wet hair I thought 'God where is my hair gone'.

"I was almost depressed and I was even thinking what kind of extensions I could add so that people wouldn't see it.

"When people started saying to me 'that is amazing' I thought to myself 'Oh my God Irish people are so nice', nobody ever tells the truth," Eva said.

Eva decided she needed a change after strong encouragement from her hairdresser Annie.

"She is very good and she was pushing for me to do this.

"I wanted a change, but I've always had longer hair and it is hard for women to make the change with their hair."

Dr Eva attended Profile Hair Design in Oliver Plunkett Street, Mullingar -- a long drive from her Dublin home, but the distance is worth it, says the doctor.

"I live in Dublin but I go all the way to Mullingar to get my hair done because she is absolutely wonderful," Eva said.

Self-confessed girly girl Eva counts Marilyn Monroe as her ultimate style icon.

"I had a photo of Marilyn Monroe in my phone and I absolutely love her so I did joke to the hairdresser 'when I get my hair cut if I don't look like her you will be in trouble'," she said.

"So she was under quite a lot of pressure and I don't think I look like her but I am happy with it."