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I prefer Nikes to Louboutins, says Leanne as she plans her own fitness studio


Leanne and Dave. Photo: Brian McEvoy

Leanne and Dave. Photo: Brian McEvoy

Leanne and Dave. Photo: Brian McEvoy

Singer turned personal trainer Leanne Moore is planning on opening her own personal training studio.

The singer is taking her passion for fitness and healthy eating and converting it into a new business venture.

"Eating healthily and working out is something that I've been doing since I was 18," she told the Diary.

"I've constantly had people asking me to help them out in the gym and for advice on nutrition and I was always wondering 'Why am I not doing this as a job?'

"I actually love being a personal trainer, I'm actually a girl who would live in my Nike trainers for the rest of my life, don't bother getting me Louboutins, I won't wear them," she laughed.

Leanne's boyfriend Dave Behan (29), of Tallafornia fame, runs his own gym in Greystones called Go Gym and the Limerick native admits that he has been a brilliant influence on her.

"I'm working towards opening up my own personal training studio so I'm excited about that.

"And Dave is great, he's such a help with all of it. He's obviously just done it himself so he's been guiding me in the right direction," she revealed.

And she also revealed that things are going well for the fitness-focused couple.

"I think we're both very similar minded people and that kind of works well. He's so driven and so determined and I love that about him," she said.

And while she's working on her career as a personal trainer, she is also hoping to represent Ireland at the Eurovision next year with her girl band Lir.

Leanne (30) is in the band with model and former Industry singer Michele McGrath and former Voice of Ireland contestant Kim Hayden.

"It was kind of unexpected to be honest, just like 400 other people we sent in an application and we haven't heard anything and we don't know if we'll go any further but my theory is that if you don't enter it, you can't go any further," she admitted.


"I always think just go for it because you only live once. Eurovision is one of my passions and one of the things that I really love. I've loved it since I was a kid and I would love to do it," she added.

She also said that she loves working with the girls and they have their fingers crossed for the Eurosong contest.

"The three of us are constantly meeting up and talking about different things but we're very much playing it by ear and we're waiting to see, but we're all hopeful," she said.