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I love science so much I stole a physics book - Dara

COMEDIAN Dara O Briain has revealed he loves science so much he's resorted to stealing for his passion.

The BBC host told the Herald he once got so overwhelmed and excited about a book on the subject, he pinched it without paying for it.

The 39-year-old has joined more than four thousand eager scientists this week in Dublin for the Euroscience Open Forum 2012, an event he refers to as the "nerd Olympics".


"It's great for me because there are people here whose books I've read, like the physics professor Brian Greene," he said.

"I was enjoying his book The Elegant Universe in a hotel so much once that I stole it and I feel slightly guilty about that.

"I was at some beach hotel somewhere and had to take it. It was really good, so good that I'd actually recommend theft for it."

The five-day event encompasses 150 talks, workshops and presentations and according to Bray native Dara, is the "pinnacle" of Dublin as the City of Science 2012 as the who's who of the industry have touched down to participate in the forum.

"The penny seems to have dropped by what's going on, just in terms of the sheer heft of who's here and what's happening," he said

"All the outreach and any other things taking place have been piggy-backing on this. This is the real deal.

"The fact that we've the heads of Nasa and Cern coming here for this event is fantastic, and five Nobel laureates too. This is like the nerd Olympics."

Dara is enjoying the conference, which is being hosted at the National Convention Centre, as a spectator and insisted he can't wait to meet and listen to some of his idols from the industry.

He also admitted he's hoping to take in as much as possible and widen his knowledge.

Meanwhile, he may have been off duty to take in the dozens of sessions taking place yesterday, but it was back to business for Dara today as he held a discussion in Trinity College on the Age of Reason.