Sunday 20 January 2019

I lost a baby too. I know how Amanda is suffering -- Bernie

CALL: Caring star's words of advice

Actress Bernie Nolan was one of the first to give her sympathies to Amanda Holden over the loss of her baby.

The Calendar Girls star phoned her fellow actress as soon as she found out about the tragedy.

"I am absolutely devastated for Amanda. When I saw the news, I immediately phoned her up through people that know her and just left a message for her," she said.

Bernie herself suffered a stillbirth when she was nearly six months pregnant.


She made the heartbreaking revelation after Britain's Got Talent judge Amanda admitted that she lost her baby seven months along last week.

Bernie was affected by the star's loss that she reached out to her, and assured her that she would get past the devastation.

Although she now has a healthy 12-year old daughter Erin, she candidly spoke about the trauma she has suffered with pregnancy in the past.

"I did have a stillbirth myself before Erin," she said.

"It's the most awful thing, I'm sure there's thousands of women out there who have been through it, but when you're in the public eye, of course it's going to be news. She's got to be positive."

Bernie said that you "can't describe" the pain of losing a baby so far along into your pregnancy, and explained that she was five and a half months pregnant when she lost her daughter. "Seven months. And then when it stops kicking and they say, 'We can't find a heartbeat'. I can't describe how it feels, but I am the proof that you can get over it and move on with your life," she told Maura Derrane on Four Live. "And I think the thing to do, which is what my husband and I did, is accept it. We buried our daughter and we have a place to go and visit her.

"That is very important, it's acceptance of the loss, instead of trying to pretend it never happened."

Brave Bernie was speaking at the official launch of the Calendar Girls' run at the Grand Canal Theatre.

She spoke candidly about her loss, and urged other women in the same position not to "waste a minute".


"I had to give birth, we knew she was going to be dead. It was unbelievable, but as I said it's not just me, thousands of women have been there, but if I can say anything to them -- you can move on from it. I have a gorgeous child, I mean, I've had miscarriages since then. Loads of women have. The main thing for me, and I really mean this and I can't say it enough, is that life goes on. It has to go on, it should go on. Life is great, it's for living and don't waste a minute is all I can say."

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