Monday 20 November 2017

I hope Six hit the right note this time

IRELAND'S original talent show stars, the band Six, will reunite on the Late Late Show to celebrate the tenth anniversary of their formation back in February 2002.

VIP was the first magazine to carry a photoshoot with the band, and I remember going myself to make sure everything ran smoothly. We had to meet the production crew at a hotel in Killiney, and then be driven in a car with blacked-out windows to a private home on Dalkey Hill, with the driver checking regularly to make sure that no members of the press were following.

It all now seems absurdly over the top, but at the time the Popstars show was an absolute phenomenon, and everyone in the media was trying to guess the band's make-up before it would be revealed on RTE.

I can still remember the excitement of the band members at the time, as they were looking forward to long and successful careers as pop stars. I also remember that they performed an impromptu, slightly ropey version of their first single, Whole Lotta Lovin', for the VIP crew.

They are apparently going to be interviewed by Ryan on the Late Late, but have decided not to sing this time. Good to see that the band members are not only older, but also wiser...

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