Thursday 23 November 2017

I have become a real gym junkie since my Transformation on TV, reveals Louise

WHEN she appeared on the first series of Operation Transformation, Louise Collins could barely run for a minute without feeling short of breath.

Now the 25-year-old runs every day and exercise has become a source of income. She's become a personal trainer, as well as a child minder.

Louise was 21 and already 19 stone when she was picked to be on the popular RTE show, which was hosted by the late Gerry Ryan at the time.

Her weight has since dropped to around 13st 5lbs and she's back on the Operation Transformation plan as it's proved so successful for her.


"The reason I decided to get back on the meal plans this year and follow the show is because I injured myself last year and I put on several pounds.

"I'd been slowly but steadily losing weight since leaving the show but I was out of training for eight weeks after I injured my leg when training for a triathlon.

"Then right after that, I had to have my appendix removed and I wasn't allowed to do sports for a good month, so I want to get back on track."

Louise explained that exercising is no longer a chore for her, and she would love to take part in the new series to try the Sunday challenges set by Sergeant Mick Mulcahy in the Curragh.

"I would have loved it if we'd had the defence forces giving us challenges when I was on the show. I would love that type of torture now, you feel so good after you've pushed yourself like that.

"I couldn't imagine not exercising now, I've become a gym junkie. I enjoy it so much, the rare days I don't exercise, I'm in bad humour. I found it really hard sitting around at home when I was injured, I think it's because I know what I used to be like, and I would never allow myself to get back to that."

While she is delighted to have lost so much weight, Louise admitted that being slimmer came with its own set of challenges.

"The funny thing is that because I was always so big, and I was used to it, I did not even try to compete with other girls," Louise, who lives with her boyfriend William O'Sullivan (30), confessed.


"I just felt like I was always going to be alone, I never attracted any kind of attention and it was easier not to think about it. So I suppose I wasn't really as self-conscious as I am now. I never used to worry that other girls might be wearing the same clothes as me when I went out, because I just couldn't buy clothes in high street shops.

"The biggest size I ever wore in jeans was 26, whereas now I would be a size 14 or 16."


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