Sunday 17 December 2017

I had to see psychiatrist for Top Model, reveals Holly

The fashion world can be a competitive and catty place and catwalk queens need to be made of strong stuff.

Having got through the first round of Britain And Ireland's Next Top Model auditions, Holly Carpenter had to take an in-depth psychiatric test to make sure she could handle the pressure.

"I was told I had to go to London for a psychiatric test to make sure I was mentally stable and sane."

And Holly says her family and friends weren't quite as supportive as she hoped they would be when she told them.

"My family had been slagging me saying there was no way I was going to pass, so I was a bit nervous.

"I met the psychiatrist and was asked about how I deal with criticism and so on.

"She also asked me what I'd do if they wanted to cut off all my hair.

"I couldn't pretend I'd be OK with that; I told her I'd die.



"She asked me if I was body-conscious and I told her that if I don't train and eat clean, I get a bit paranoid about my figure and it affects my head space and confidence."

Holly made it to the top 28 and moved to London for filming.

She said the show was incredible, but could be draining. And being unable to stick to her work-out regime and caveman diet was hard.

"Going from training six days a week to being in a house with no gym and no time to do any exercise was really tough on me."

And being surrounded by takeaways and chocolate on shoots made things harder.

"For the first few weeks, I managed to avoid the bad food, even if it meant not eating anything at a shoot.

"Eventually I gave in and just ate what I was given.

"But I started to feel really paranoid about my body and I could see a giant whale looking back at me when I looked in the mirror.

"I know now, having watched the show on television, that it was demons in my head imagining this."


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