Thursday 23 November 2017

I faked African accent to see 'Take Me Out' girls switch off

A 'Take Me Out' contestant who failed to get a date has revealed that he faked a strong African accent to see if it would be a turn off.

Twenty-three out of 30 girls switched off their lights after Dublin student Ngalinda John Innocent (21) introduced himself.

The remainder of the girls turned off their light after watching a video about his family and interests.

While some girls criticised him for appearing too confident as he danced to LMFAO's I'm Sexy and I Know It.

And one bluntly admitted: "It's the accent and he's too short and he just seemed too cocky for me dancing to that song."

Ngalinda, who is originally from Tanzania, revealed that he had been playing a game all along.

"My whole family was in bits watching it back -- they all helped, even my granny -- she was nuts," the acting student said. "I loved it, because I wanted to see if someone would go for me over the accent.

"I wanted to know what they would go for so I played a little trick to see what was going on.

"Some of the girls are genuine and they're gorgeous, but some of them, you do know they're just doing it to be on TV, and to stay longer.

"The guy's just for the day and they leave, the thing is we don't get to see any of the girls until we go on TV."

Although Ngalinda's intention was to have a laugh on the programme, hosted by Ray Foley, he admitted that the female contestants were quite tough on him. "Some of the girls were cruel, especially the one that said that I'm too short," he said, referring to a young woman who insisted she was tall and needed someone that was 6ft 2in or taller. Ngalinda is 5ft 10in.

"There were bits that were cut off where they were saying nice stuff, but it didn't make it to TV.

"It's not too bad because now when you're walking around town, people go, 'You're the guy from Take Me Out, unlucky you didn't get a date but I'm sure my granny would take you out'."

When he is not studying, the young man likes to make comic videos which he uploads to YouTube.

His sketches have been quite popular with one instalment getting nearly 90,000 views.

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