Tuesday 21 November 2017

I don't see why men find me so scary -- Scousewife Layla

Irish Scousewives star Layla Flaherty has revealed she has "no idea" why men find her intimidating.

The Galway girl, who burst onto the scene as one of the six girls in Liverpool based fly-on-the-wall series Desperate Scousewives, can't understand why the opposite sex finds her unapproachable.

The 28-year-old model lashed out at being branded a 'man-eater':

"Everyone labels me a man-eater, because I intimidate men. But I don't know why I do.

"They seem to get all shy around me, probably because I'm quite a confident person. It's not like I eat 10 men when I go out," she told the latest edition of VIP magazine.

Layla also divulged that as a teenager she cheated on boyfriends.

"When I was a teenager and in my early twenties I'd go on one or two dates a week, sometimes more, but it would be nothing serious.

"I admit I cheated on guys when I was younger, but I was a teenager -- I wouldn't do anything like that now."

Layla, who is a fan of boob jobs and Botox, moved to Liverpool eight years ago and was cast on the E4 series while studying as a psychology student.

"The producers were holding auditions around Liverpool for about six months ... I actually said no at first, but they talked me into it eventually."

The popular show brings a "whole new level" of sparkles and sequins than rival The Only Way Is Essex and viewers have seen Layla fall for bachelor Joe McMahon.

But the personality insists all is not what it appears on screen.

"A lot of people are shocked when they meet me; I think they expect me to be chasing Joe 24/7.

"The storyline is a bit dramatic.

"But myself and Joe have a history, and the whole storyline is real to a certain extent."

The personality has also told of being shocked by some of the negative feedback the show has received.

"There have been some shocks. There has been some negative feedback on Twitter, for instance, but I'm working on getting a thicker skin."

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