Wednesday 16 January 2019

I did not starve myself for Fair City role says Vivienne

Actress Vivienne Connolly (37) has hit back at reports that she "starved herself" for a TV part.

Although she admits that she adopted a tough new eating plan ahead of making her Fair City debut as sexy character Ingrid, she is adamant she would never advocate starvation as a way of losing weight.

"I gave what I thought was a very candid interview about my attitude to health but I was very annoyed when I saw the piece," she explained.

"It became this headline-grabbing thing about me starving myself which is something I would never advocate to anyone, especially as a mum to two children. I would just never do it and anyone who knows me would realise that about me.

"I enjoy a healthy lifestyle but I would always make sure to eat properly. I took the kids to the cinema this week and stuffed myself with a cheeseburger.


"This thing about me not eating is something that I wanted to nip in the bud before it grows legs as the comments I made were taken completely out of context."

The svelte beauty said she has been working out and went on a detox for January which involved plenty of healthy soups and juicing -- but she always had a proper meal in the evening as well.

"I did go on a two-week detox thing and have been working out hard but it was never anything as radical as starving myself," she continued.

The model-turned-actress has spent the past two weeks at RTE's studios in Montrose filming for her new part on the long-running soap.

And the mum to young Ben (6) and Katie (4) hinted that viewers of the programme may not have seen the last of the sexy star on our small screens as the door has been left open for her to return.


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