Tuesday 21 November 2017

I am so glad that I didn't get sympathy vote on The Voice - Tara

Singer Tara Blaise says she's glad she didn't get the sympathy vote after appearing on The Voice.

THE Wicklow native wasn't chosen by any of the coaches on the opening episode of the show, despite previously touring with Brian Kennedy and working with Sharon Corr.

But even though she failed to get through the blind audition stage of the RTE talent show, the mother of one says she is happy with the way things have turned out.

Speaking to the Herald, Tara (36) said she had received massive support from people all over the country since her performance and insisted there was no bad blood between her, Brian and Sharon.

"I didn't see Sharon or Brian at all after my audition. They had to film other performances straight after mine. And I actually haven't seen them since the show either. I haven't been in touch with them but I want to do things by myself now. And it's not because there are hard feelings or anything like that, we just haven't been in contact. But I'm sure I'll bump into them again," she said.

The aspiring star, who sang her own version of Bon Jovi's Living On A Prayer for her audition, added that she was already nervous heading into the blind auditions because she knew her music pals were judging the talent and says nerves ruined her performance.


"I was absolutely terrified. It wasn't my finest gig and everybody could hear in my voice that I was nervous. Every body has a bad gig, just not many have one in front of so many people.

"I didn't want them to get a shock at all when they turned around. I've met Sharon a few times and I toured with Brian as his support act, so I thought they might recognise my voice. But I didn't know how much of my music they really knew, and even if they did, the way I sang the song was really different to my own music," she explained.

It may have looked like Tara's dreams of stardom were over when all four coaches -- Kian Egan, Bressie, Sharon and Brian -- failed to turn around when she sang.

However, Tara says her audition has helped her reboot her music career and says she is planning to release a new album.

"I feel like things were meant to happen that way. I don't think I would have had this much support if I had have got through. As well as people on my Twitter and Facebook pages, I have received lots of private messages too with really personal stories. Some people had told me that they were in similar situations with their career and came through the other end, it's really touching.

"I'm sure people wouldn't have felt the need to tell me their personal stories or listen to my music if I had got through to the next round. I honestly thought if I didn't get through then that would be it. I never thought I would get this amazing response from people.

"I've had messages from people saying they never knew who I was until I was on The Voice and now they have actually gone out and bought my music because of it, so everything is good right now. I'm making a new album and I hope to release it in the next few months."


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