Tuesday 21 November 2017

Holly dishes up secrets of Come Dine With Me

FORMER golf WAG Holly Sweeney has insisted that while there is no wine throwing in the next series of Celebrity Come Dine With Me, there will be upsets.

The part-time cheerleader and university student revealed that although there were "tantrums" during the week of dinner parties, there was no repeat of Brian Kennedy and Paul Martin's wine-throwing fracas in the last edition of CDWM.

Singer Brian Kennedy hurled a glass of red wine at entertainment reporter Paul Martin after he insulted his song Message In A Box. Martin retorted by throwing a glass of white wine at Kennedy.

The spat, which came at the end of a week in which both men could barely conceal their strong dislike for each other, caused hundreds of thousands of viewers to tune in. Model Rozanna Purcell won the competition and former Fair City star George McMahon was left cleaning red wine off his wall.

However, Holly said her time on CDWM was less controversial.

Holly, who split from golfing superstar Rory McIlroy last year, said there wasn't too much bickering this time around as she dined with VIP publisher Michael O'Doherty, model Pippa O'Connor, former rugby player Shane Byrne, and Limerick model Madeline Mulqueen.


Speaking to the Herald, Holly, who has ditched her blonde tresses for a daring red look, said that although there is drama in the upcoming episodes, there will be nothing as extreme as Paul and Brian's wine throwing.

"I heard about all the scandal on the show but it wasn't that bad on ours. There were some highs and lows and definitely some tantrums but I can confirm that there was definitely no wine throwing during our week," she said.

Although Holly, who is enjoying the single life, added that she "loved" doing the show it looks like it might be the last time we see the dancer on reality TV.

Holly (21) says she would never sign on for Big Brother and that CDWM was the only show she wanted to do.

"I was nervous about doing the show but me and my friends had all agreed if there was any show to sign up for that was it. "I wasn't approached by Big Brother and I wouldn't want to be on it anyway."

Meanwhile the Hollywood native, who admitted on the Saturday Night Show that she still talks to her ex Rory, is considering a move to Dublin.

Holly says she is looking to move away from her home town after becoming close to co-stars Pippa O'Connor and Madeline Mulqueen.

"I'm on a year out from uni and I want to do different things. It's just hassle picking up and moving somewhere else but I'd love to," she said.


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