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Holly busts flab with laser lipo treatment

HOLLY CARPENTER keeps her curves in check with a strict diet and a gruelling five-days-a week workout regime.

But she claims she needs help with getting a flat stomach.

And so the AR agency model (21), whose other half Cian Healy was 'man of the match' over the weekend, told of how she underwent a new weight loss treatment.

She recently had a session of Strawberry Laser Lipo which saw her having paddles with lasers breaking down the fat on her stomach.

"Obviously everyone in January is trying to get fit and you do feel a bit bloated after Christmas, even if you haven't gone mad and overdone things," she said.

"I'm only booked in for three sessions of it as I wouldn't be overweight but my stomach is one area that I always struggled with.

"I had a photocall recently where I had to wear a sports bra and a little pair of shorts and it just helped me feel way more confident."

She has also been continuing to work out five or six times a week as well as eating healthily -- which has helped her shed over a stone in six months.

But despite opting to have the non-invasive surgical treatment, the former Miss Ireland would draw the line at having anything else done.

Fellow models Hazel O'Sullivan and Kelly Donegan recently revealed how they had Botox to look fresh for a TV appearance and claimed several models also had it done. Yet Holly said that it was something that "wouldn't be for me" and she preferred the more natural look.