Sunday 17 December 2017

Hitting 60 won't slow glam Celia

GLAMOROUS granny Celia Holman Lee has vowed she won't hang up her stilettos after she celebrates her 60th birthday.

The former model turned agent will host a no-expense-spared bash at Aubars gastro pub on Thomas Street in Limerick at the end of November, but insists it won't mark the end of an era for her hugely successful career in the fashion industry.

"There's not a chance of me retiring," she told the Diary. "Some people feel that 60 is a great age and time to stop working, but I'm not one of them.

"It's getting closer and closer now. This is it, the last hoorah. It's the big one and I feel it's a special milestone."

Celia's actual birthday is not until December, but she's having the party early so it doesn't clash with any Christmas bashes.

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