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Here we go again... it's the 'French Jedward'

X Factor judges are confronted by the Parisian equivalent of Jedward on tonight's show -- twins who tackle Lady Gaga.

French brothers Samir and Mehdi jetted in to try to win a place on the show with their "infectious" performance lapped up by Cheryl Cole.

They follow in the footsteps of Jedward, who rose to fame on last year's show with their wonky vocals, huge quiffs and over-the-top routines.

But show boss Simon Cowell is less than enamoured with the idea of a repeat.

After performing Lady Gaga hit Just Dance, Cole tells them: "Not the best vocals in the world but there's something really likeable and infectious and cute about you. I actually really enjoyed it for all those reasons. You're like the Parisian John and Edward."

And Louis Walsh -- who championed Jedward last year -- said: "You've definitely got the likeability factor and you're pretty good singers to sing a song like that."

But Cowell blamed Walsh for unleashing further twins on the world: "This is the effect you're having on Europe and that is a terrifying thought."

The show features auditions from Dublin and London, with Katy Perry sitting in for then-pregnant Dannii Minogue.

The X Factor is screened by TV3 tonight at 7.30pm.