Tuesday 21 November 2017

Hello Ireland! Emotional night for our Niall

IT didn't take long for young Niall Horan to get emotional as he and his bandmates set up home at a filled to capacity O2 last night.

"I have been waiting for this moment my whole life," said the 18-year-old Mullingar native, a large tricolour proudly wrapped around his shoulders: "Hello Ireland!" As expected, the response was nothing short of deafening as the boys launched into a rollicking, 80-minute set. And what a turnout for the British and Irish boyband, barely two years into their career but already riding high on a wave of hormone-fuelled madness.

It seems the boyishly handsome five-piece have officially turned pro, presenting to their hysterical fan base a nicely balanced collection of original material and covers.

The 14,000-strong crowd carried hand-made banners, bright red roses, and cute, cuddly toys. And it wasn't long before various objects made their way on to the stage, with one over-excited female flinging her underwear at the boys.

Quite often, the crowd's frightening cries were for 17-year-old Harry Styles and the equally wide-eyed Liam Payne, but nothing could beat the sight of Niall Horan performing a spot of Irish dancing, as requested by one lucky tweeter. A big-budget production featuring a live band, a fake VW van and some very well-received videos of the boys running through fields and riding bikes, the show was about two things: the guys themselves, and their infectious pop soundtrack.

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