Saturday 16 December 2017

Hazel hits back at models over rivals' diet comments

DUBLIN model Hazel O'Sullivan has hit back after coming "under attack" from rivals Georgia Salpa, Pippa O'Connor and Tiffany Stanley.

The blonde beauty has revealed that she feels targeted by the three models at Andrea Roche's agency, after Georgia Salpa, Pippa O'Connor and Tiffany Stanley all criticised her decision to lose weight using a hormone which is extracted from a pregnant woman's urine.

Speaking to the Diary, Hazel said she believes that the comments were "petty" and that Georgia was still bitter after her ex-boyfriend Calum Best tried to woo her. Hazel (22) has now accused the trio of models of being childish and alleges their comments were tactical.


"I think it was really petty that the girls made those comments. It's only because I'm in Assets and they are in Andrea Roche's agency -- they would never say that stuff otherwise. I didn't even know Pippa and Tiffany were in Assets with me just weeks ago so I think it's hilarious.

"I'm not surprised that Georgia joined in on it, I know exactly why she did. She is still convinced that I hooked up with her ex Calum, which I didn't but clearly it's still bothering her," she claimed.

As the Herald reported last month, Hazel and Georgia fell out after bad boy Calum was seen flirting with Hazel at city haunt Grafton Lounge over Christmas and now Hazel believes the half-Greek model has got her own back.

The Celebrity Big Brother star slammed Hazel's decision to use new weight loss regime which sees the Dubliner take droplets of the HCG hormone every day.

"Ingesting a hormone extracted from the urine of a pregnant woman sounds excessive to lose weight. I wouldn't like to mess with my body like that. You'd probably end up with some awful side effect like a hairy face," Georgia said.

Fellow AR model Pippa O'Connor soon chipped in, saying that she wasn't "that desperate to lose weight".

And although she only moved from Assets two weeks ago, Tiffany said Hazel's new regime sounded like a "glorified starvation diet" adding that "it's irresponsible to promote such a thing, it's disgusting".

But Hazel claimed: "It just shows how uneducated they all are (about this subject). The contraceptive pill contains female hormones as well. What I'm taking are in the form of drops which is even better, it is completely safe."

The striking photoshoot girl, who is in Belfast tonight working for the Darts Championships on Sky Sports, defended her new diet. Hazel is on a strict regime where she can only have 500 calories a day, as well as taking the hormone. Although she is being dubbed irresponsible, the catwalk queen says other Irish models are resorting to starvation and drug use in order to lose weight.

"People are saying that I'm a bad role model and that I'm unhealthy but that's not true. I feel and look so healthy right now. I know models who use cocaine in order to slim down, and I know girls who have fainted on the job because they haven't been eating anything.


"All I'm doing is losing a little bit of excess weight.

"I'm slimming down with the help of medical experts and I'm being monitored so I think I'm healthier than half the models out there who go to extreme measures to get thin. I'm not getting my boobs done or pumping my lips with collagen like some of the other girls. I want to look natural. My dream is to be on Sports Illustrated, and they only want real women," she explained.


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