Wednesday 24 April 2019

Has Pamela found true love?

NIGHT OUT: RTE star clearly smitten with new beau

RTE star Pamela Flood's tasty new relationship with restaurateur beau Ronan Ryan appears to be continuing apace.

The blonde star, who normally prefers to keep her personal life under her designer hat, was spotted hitting the tiles with the handsome businessman over the weekend.

The presenter -- who's notoriously cagey about her love life -- set tongues wagging after popping into the Purty Kitchen in Temple Bar with a gang of pals. And she wasted little time in getting affectionate with her new pal Ronan, who co-owns Town Bar and Grill restaurant.

"They seemed to be getting on very well and didn't mind who saw them," said a source.

"They looked completely smitten and only had eyes for each other, which is good because they came into the venue on its gay night!

"A group of them came in and were in really high spirits, drinking Jack Daniels and Cokes before a couple of them moved onto the shots. Pamela and Ronan barely left each other's sides all night and really looked like they were enjoying each other's company."


The fashion queen arrived at the southside club in style and turned heads after turning up in a chauffeur-driven Bentley with a group of friends, including promoter Darryl Downey and Stephen Kelly.

This is the second time in the space of a week that the RTE star, who presented a nuptials show called Marry Me, has been seen out publicly with her new beau and the couple are clearly not hiding their feelings for each other anymore.

They arrived together at the Respect ball at the Four Seasons recently and they later shared a very public smooch at the southside bash.

The pair first sparked speculation of a possible romance after the blonde presented popped into a party hosted by the restaurateur at his Bridge Bar and Grill party in Canal Quay a few weeks ago.

She had no problem posing for a cosy pic with the single businessman and the pair appeared to hit it off like a house on fire.

But given than it has been more than six months since she split up with her former boyfriend Michael Sharpe, she's clearly decided it's high time to move on.

She and nightclub promoter Michael were an item for the past three years and appeared to be heading in a serious direction after taking the plunge and moving in together.

Yet in July 2007 she was forced to put out a statement denying a report that the pair had gone their separate ways amid newspaper claimsthat they were no longer dating.

Then last February, the former Miss Ireland moved out of their shared home after telling pals that the relationship had run its course and that it had "no future". Let's hope this time Pamela will be lucky in love.

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