Saturday 17 August 2019

Gordon's mixing cocktails, not drowning sorrows

IRISH rugby star Gordon D'Arcy has made a last-minute dash back to Dublin from Cork to show off his bartending skills at city centre haunt The Exchequer.

The hunky sportsman said he had his teammate Luke Fitzgerald to thank for getting him back to Dublin on time from the Irish team's training camp in the Rebel County to honour his commitment at the charity event.

But while Gordon (30) was more than happy to mix the drinks, the Leinster centre was sticking strictly to water throughout the evening, explaining he was due back on the pitch this morning for another gruelling training session.

The Wexford-born star admitted he and his teammates are still disappointed about Sunday's defeat by France.

He said they are now focusing their energies on their forthcoming clash with Scotland instead of dwelling on the French defeat.

"We're still kind of adjusting from Sunday when we didn't get the result we wanted to," Gordon told the Herald.

"Thank God for Luke Fitzgerald, he actually drove me back from Cork, as we had been training there for the past two days. We have training in the morning as well, so unfortunately alcohol and training don't go well together.

"Immediately it's just about Ireland being as good as we can, we've a game against Scotland in 10 days' time.

"That's probably the most important game of the season to date. But after that, every day gets more and more important.

"We've got England and Wales and then we get back to training with Leinster. I don't want to look too far ahead, but then we also have the World Cup to think about.

"And somewhere along the way I'm going to have to find time to call into the Exchequer bar because Darren (the manager) has promised to give me one-on-one cocktail lessons. He's said he'll show me how to make them and show me how to drink them," he laughed.

The down-to-earth rugby star gave up his time last night to help raise funds for Crumlin's Children Charity, for whom Kathryn Thomas climbed Mount Kilimanjaro last year.

He said he would like to take on such a challenge himself some day, but insists it will have to wait until after he has retired from rugby.

Gordon's model girlfriend Aoife Cogan was missing from his side at last night's event, however the Leinster player was staying tight-lipped on the subject of his lovelife, declining to comment on their relationship.


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