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Goodbye London: hello Dublin, says Bressie

The London Irish Brat Pack has taken a serious hit.

One of their founding members -- Bressie -- is ditching the English capital for Dublin.

Niall (32) will be leaving his Irish pals Laura Whitmore, Danny O'Reilly, Eoghan McDermott and Niall Horan behind as he moves back home.

While the pack will be sad to see him go, hordes of Irish women will welcome Bressie back with open arms.

The Voice of Ireland mentor told fans about his move back home.

"Moving back to Ireland for the next few months. Really can't wait," he said.

Bressie had been splitting his time between London and Dublin.

A spokesperson for Universal, who represent the Mullingar man, said that the constant travel was proving a strain for Niall.

"Niall has been working on his album in London for the last few months. Travelling back and forth didn't make much sense economically and was exhausting," the spokesperson said.

Bressie's London lifestyle may have seemed impossibly glamorous, but the time spent in airport terminals was too much to handle.

There were some advantages to living in London: "It's nice walking around with people not knowing you."

But Niall said that he has fallen back in love with the Fair City.

"I think a lot of people fell out of love with it, it became quite a negative place for a while. But now it's getting back on its feet and is a great city."