Friday 14 December 2018

Glenda needs a helping hand as she interviews actor Rupert

IF Glenda Gilson was still in school, she surely would get a slap on the wrist for cheating.

But the Xpose presenter (29) will instead be commended for her resourceful approach to interviews -- scrawling notes on her hand.

The TV3 star was interviewing actor Rupert Everett (51) last night and, in order to ensure she didn't miss a potential talking point, used her hand as a cheat sheet.

Shrek star Rupert was in town for the grand opening of the Wilde Festival at Trinity College, where he was presented with the Oscar Wilde Medal For Drama.

Glenda was spotted with the words Botox, Madonna, Jennifer Aniston and Reality TV written on her hand to ensure the conversation flowed as she interviewed the star for the TV3 show.

And she clearly did her research prior to their face to face, unintentionally giving Xpose viewers a sneak peek of what to expect during their on-air interview.

The actor has been dogged by plastic surgery rumours in recent years, and he has appeared in films with Madonna and Jennifer Aniston. Glenda was clearly keen to get to the bottom of the speculation.

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