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Glamorous life? I'm in my PJs with make-up off by 7pm most nights

RTE star Lucy Kennedy claims she looks like an ogre from Shrek when she takes the make-up off.

The busy mum-of-two, who features in this week's VIP Magazine along with her two children, says she's in her pyjamas most nights by 7pm -- and shys away from social events.

Lucy (36), mum to three-year-old Jack and baby Holly (eight months), says her weeks are very quiet as her husband Richard Governey works in the UK as a management consultant.

"It's fine; it really doesn't bother me. I am well able to handle the two kids on my own, in fact I often mind my niece and nephew as well," she says.

"I'm in the PJs at 7 o'clock most nights because I am tired. I could run the country at 5.30am. At 5.30pm, not so much. So the pyjamas go on, the make-up comes off and I go from being Shrek's Princess Fiona in the day to the real Princess Fiona at night."

Fans of Lucy might find it difficult to believe that she sees herself like this -- but the broadcaster said she has a shy side which people don't often see.


"I hate the idea of all eyes on me on the red carpet. I begin to shake and my heart beats really fast. But give me a camera and I'll talk for hours," she said.

The star admitted she was unhappy with her weight recently and went on a special diet to shift it.

"I lost 12lbs in 21 days but it was weight that badly needed to be lost.

"It only dawned on me that I wasn't where I wanted to be weight-wise when I saw that mortifying photo which was taken at Ladies' Day at the Dublin Horse Show. Ironically, I really fancied myself that day and thought I looked super hot!" she said. "I looked at the pictures and cried."

It was at this stage she turned to The Hospital Group and the Made to Measure THG Fast Weight Loss Programme.

"It's not a fad diet and I would never endorse something that was dangerous.

"It's a lifestyle change -- not a quick fix.

"The idea is that you follow a low-calorie diet of 500 calories for 20 days and you are monitored before, during and after. Along with this, you take THG hormone drops," Lucy added.

"I've learned really good eating habits that I will continue to apply to my diet. My nails are growing, my hair is shinier and I have more energy. All positives," she said.

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