Thursday 23 November 2017

GLAM: Group shows sexy side as they storm US

THESE Irish girls could give Girls Aloud or The Saturdays a run for their money.

Members of Celtic Woman -- which include Twink's eldest daughter Chloe (23) and Susan McFadden (29) -- are enjoying continued success in the US and countries around the globe.

While we're more used to seeing them wearing flowing robes and gowns in keeping with their Celtic Woman image, these pictures show the foursome can mix it up like any other girl group.

The images show the close-knit group having a good time at TV studios and in various locations across the US.

And the off-stage styles they are sporting couldn't be further from the "Celtic" appeal for which they are renowned.

The all-Irish vocal group are now together eight years -- and planning for their 10th anniversary celebrations has already started.

The young women are now so successful across the Atlantic that they are now based there full-time. They have spent the past few months touring and have spread their fame to Asia, Australia and South Africa.

The quartet -- Mairead Nesbitt (33), Chloe Agnew, Susan McFadden and Lisa Lambe (30) -- are continuing to sell-out venues worldwide with old-school hits such as Danny Boy and You Raise Me Up.

The group have managed to notch up over six million ticket sales -- a number that will increase as they prepare to tour North America and Europe next year.


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