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Get ready for Jedward ... as comedy stars

THEY'VE conquered the world of music, and now Jedward are hoping to make it as actors and comedians.

THE quirky duo have landed their first role as professional actors on a BBC children's comedy series.

John and Edward Grimes (20) just finished filming in Northern Ireland for the show, entitled Dani's Castle, and an insider told the Herald that the boys have been dying to flex their acting muscles.

"They were naturals in front of the camera. They're playing themselves, but the whole thing is properly scripted, so it's the first time they're acting.

"They've been extremely excited about it since getting the call to do it and this could lead them down an entirely new area in their careers."

The series is CBBC's spin-off from a popular children's programme.

Dani's Castle will pick up from the close of the fifth and final series of Dani's House, which tells the story of protagonist Dani Harmer who sees her dreams of becoming an actress fall flat after the soap McHurties is canned.


In the new show, Dani inherits the rundown Bogmoor Castle from her mysterious great aunt Marjorie and later discovers that it is haunted.

Waterline singers John and Edward wrapped up their episode yesterday, after showing off their dramatic talents in front of the cameras on set in Killleagh over the weekend.

The sitcom series is expected to kick off in August this year.

Things are pretty hectic for the X Factor graduates this summer.

They have travelled to Germany three times for gigs and have numerous appearances lined up throughout Europe after picking up more fans at Eurovision in Azerbaijan.

Jedward recently divulged their plans to return to the Big Brother house, to set a task for the contestants of this year's installment.

But a close pal said that it's not 100pc that this will go ahead.

"It's a bit up in the air at the moment, there's a possibility this may not happen now and they might be doing something else instead," a source said.

The boys are also preparing for their third Dublin Bus Jedward Panto in the Olympia in December.