Thursday 22 August 2019

Georgia's 'paparazzi pics' a bit of a poser

I'm delighted to see that the gorgeous Georgia seems to be genuinely in love with Calum Best, but am a tad concerned about the photos which appeared over the weekend, and showed her sharing a sun lounger with the legendary lothario.

Firstly, they seem to be of remarkably good quality for paparazzi shots, and gave the impression that far from hiding in a bush, the photographer had set up a tripod a few feet away from them, and snapped away.

Which makes you wonder exactly how posed they were...

More disturbingly, the shirtless Best seems to have a long list of names written on the inside of his arm.

Please, Calum -- most people are discreet enough to put notches on their bedpost, not a tattooed roll call on their arm...

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