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Follow Larry into films? Never say never -- Edge

U2 star The Edge could soon be following his bandmate into the world of movies -- but only if he gets to play a psychotic guitar player.

Larry Mullen Jr swapped his drum kit for the big screen recently with a starring role in new Irish film Man On The Train.

And now The Edge (51) is thinking over such a move, although the musician was not giving much away.

"I'd never say never," The Edge told the Herald. "Larry has been doing great so you never know.

"Maybe Jim (Sheridan) could be my director and I would play a psychotic guitar player."

And In America director Jim, who has received six Oscar nominations for his work, has also reacted well to such a collaboration, saying he would "absolutely" consider working with the musician in the future.


U2 are currently busy in the studio as they continue working on their 13th studio album.

The band recently revealed that the new album could be called 10 Reasons To Exist, but there is still a long way to go.

"I'm not sure when exactly it will be out, but things are going very well," The Edge told the Herald. "It's all still in development," he added.

U2 -- now on the road for 36 years -- have spent the past few years recording in Ireland and are expected to release a new album by the end of the year. They are hoping to follow this up with a second album soon after.

If The Edge does decide to venture into the world of film he will be hoping to recreate the success of pal Larry after the release of Man On The train.

His new film, A Thousand Times Good Night, was shot in Dublin and Morocco.