Tuesday 19 March 2019

Family warn Nikki over weight as she shrinks to size 8

RADIO DJ Nikki Hayes has revealed that family and friends have warned her to stop losing weight.

The SPIN presenter has admitted that she has now shrunk to a size 8 and her loved ones have told her to stop dieting, because they are worried about her health.

Just months ago Nikki weighed over 11 and a half stone, but now the former 2fm radio presenter has dropped nearly three stone, weighing in at 8 stone 10. Although this is happy news for the bubbly blonde who has struggled with her weight for years, Nikki says her boyfriend and her friends have told her to stop dieting now.

The top DJ says everyone is worried about her massive weight loss. "I am loving my weight right now, it's amazing being a size 8-10. I haven't been this size since I was about 19. But people are starting to get worried about me. My boyfriend Frank has told me I've lost enough now and it's time to stop and his mother said the same. Everyone has asked me to stop.

"It's just because I am literally half the person I used to be, but I really am fine. I won't let myself get too thin, I can control myself," she said.

The radio star originally lost weight due to stress and an infection, which required Nikki to stick to a protein only diet. Although she is back to full health now, Nikki says she has been sticking to the diet.


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