Wednesday 19 September 2018

Ex-Wonderland's Leigh to go solo in Hollywood

FORMER Wonderland singer Leigh Learmont is packing her bags and heading for Hollywood in hopes of making it as a solo artist.

The Dubliner has revealed plans to head to the states in hopes of becoming a star.

After the Irish girl band were dropped from their label, all the Wonderland girls have gone their separate ways.

And although Leigh (21) says she is still passionate about her singing career, the star says she would love to make it as an actress.

Speaking to the Diary, Leigh said she is meeting a casting agent when she heads to LA but she hasn't given up on her music dream just yet.

"I'm going to LA for a month and I'll see what happens. A director has asked me to go for a casting when I'm there but I don't know if anything will come of it.

"I'm also spending some time living in a house on Malibu beach, I can't wait for that.

"If things go well I'm going to apply for a visa and I will definitely consider staying.

"Musically, I have been approached by some managers, but I think it's important to take my time and make sure they're right for me," she explained.


And the aspiring singer admitted that she would love to meet her celebrity crush, musician John Mayer while she is in Tinseltown. "I will certainly be hitting some clubs when I'm in Hollywood. It would be so epic if I bumped into John Mayer, I love him," she gushed.

Leigh will also be making a trip to Vegas and going sky-diving during her US trip.

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