Thursday 23 November 2017

Emma's giving up booze to stay in shape

DUBLIN model Emma Waldron is steering clear of booze for 2012.

While most of us would be happy with a few dry weeks in January, the AR girl has decided to kick the habit altogether over the coming year.

The aspiring presenter says her goal is to do a sexy bikini shoot by the end of the year and she has taken inspiration from the likes of Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez and quit the booze.

"I have decided to stop drinking.

"I had my last drink on New Year's Eve and my plan is to stay away from alcohol for the next 12 months," she told the Diary.

"My goal this year is to do a professional bikini shoot by the end of the summer and the best way to have clear flawless skin and better all- around health is to stop drinking.

"I'm going to the gym to keep up my fitness and stay toned so hopefully I can stay away from the drink too.

"Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez don't drink at all and they have the most beautiful skin so hopefully it will pay off," she said.

The student teacher is currently doing her exams in her final year of Primary School teaching in St Patrick's college Drumcondra -- but has a treat to look forward to next week.

Her boyfriend has planned a surprise romantic trip away for the pair.

"Manners is taking me away on a surprise trip next week but I don't know where. I am stuck doing exams all this week so it's a little treat for me.

"It's half a Christmas present and half a reward for finishing my exams.

"It could be France or Italy or right here, I have no idea, but hopefully he will tell me what clothes to pack before we go," she laughed.

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